Blue Circle: The overall blue circle represents the Earth, with 30% land (Green dots), and the rest being water 70%.


Fungal networks: Mycorrhizal fungi networks connect individual plants together and transfer water, carbon, and nutrients. 3BL works in the way that a fungi network does, connecting individual NGO’s, Businesses, Government bodies and civil society groups together to create a thriving ecosystem out of the individual parts.


Roots and Shoots: Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface. A tree is deep rooted in the earth, and from there grows and provides ecosystem services for this world. 3BL values are rooted in the wisdom of earth, and from there we are in that outer service. Also for each individual, we look towards that inner journey first and foremost in each individual, and from that place of the heart, channeling that potential and values in the outer journey of service.


Fractal patterns and networks: For decades, we assumed that the components of such complex systems as the cell, the society, or the Internet are randomly wired together. In the past decade, an avalanche of research has shown that many real networks, independent of their age, function, and scope, converge to similar architectures, a universality that allowed researchers from different disciplines to embrace network theory as a common paradigm.’


Trinity: The 3 circles with 3BL represent various trinities: People, Planet, Profit / Head, Heart, Hands / Soil, Soul and Society.