About 3BL Associates

3BL Associates (3BL) is an ecosystem of social and planetary enterprises established to accelerate global regenerative development. Our focus is on addressing the flawed infrastructure and architecture underlying global problem-solving. By fostering systematic and collaborative efforts, we aim to effectively tackle the intertwined social, environmental, cultural, and economic challenges facing our planet. Our commitment is to drive regenerative development, transforming how the world addresses these critical issues for both the human and the more-than-human world.

Founded in 2010 and based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 3BL’s work has spanned 90+ countries across six continents, making a significant impact worldwide.

Our Hybrid Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise Model

  • Advisory Arm: Market-driven, providing social impact and ESG strategy services. We have advised Nobel Peace Prize winners and nominees, foundations, governments, and corporates on innovative, inclusive, multi-stakeholder models to advance development.

  • Think-Do-Tank: Market-creating through incubating and spinning off our social enterprise ventures and innovations. We address sustainable development issues and contribute to global thought leadership.

Over 10 Years of Impact With Clients and Collaborators Including