Through our think-do-tank, 3BL publishes white papers and research

as well as incubating our own multi-stakeholder initiatives until they are able to become independent.


The first regional platform that looks to bring greater parity of gender, youth, and differently abled individuals, to board and advisory board positions in the MENA region.

Facilitating win-win partnerships between humans and the rest of the natural world, in order to solve some of our greatest inter-species sustainability challenges.

Working towards shifting the culture of entrepreneurship and changemaking to include a focus on holistic wellbeing to enable anyone to contribute more effectively to creating positive change in the world.



Online community education platform for diabetes in Bahrain, which is recognized as a ’World Diabetes Day Champion’ by the International Diabetes Federation.




Reimagine MENA: Cross-pollinating multi-disciplinary stakeholders to co-create, accelerate and scale innovative solutions to pressing social issues in the Arab world.



Non-Violent Resilience: Advocating for a constructive (versus adversarial) activism of the heart that is deeply rooted in the wisdom that personal transformation is imperative to creating outer change.


Bahrain Responsible Business Survey


Bahrain Social Business Study


Re-imagining Cooperatives Based on Natural Models