Advisory Services



Creating Collaborative Value

Increasing collaboration in the local and international marketplace, and supporting organizations to re-structure around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact opportunities.


Social Innovation

Co-creating new systems models, governance structure, and services. This includes nature-inspired design, climate resilience models, and social business model innovation.



Supporting organizational models towards individual wellbeing and developing frameworks for wellbeing-centered development.



Momentum & Resilience

Getting stakeholder buy-in for social impact strategies and ensuring they get implemented, breaking silos to increase knowledge and resource sharing, and implementing strategies using more and more of less and less.



Developing thought leadership across the intersections of systems, gender, nature, wellbeing, and power. Aligning organizations with breakthrough sustainability targets and commitments.


Systems Thinking Research

Social and Environmental research to inform correct policies and sound decision-making based on systems thinking. Training and curriculum development that is values and value-driven.

Our Services

3BL’s niche is social, environmental, and collaboration innovation. While we can provide more technical services through our partners, you should consider working with us if you are looking for breakthrough solutions that redefine your industry, sector and organization and leverage our unique palette of expertise.


• Develop systems-level holistic strategies and solutions to amplify social, environmental and economic impact.
• Discover and align existing ad hoc ESG initiatives and integrate them into strategic policies.
• Localize multinational corporations’ ESG and sustainability strategies.
• Rethink purpose, business models, and value chains.
• Research, thought leadership and publishing case studies on your ESG initiatives.
• Strategy implementation support.

Shared Value:

• Sketch the landscape of sustainable development. opportunities related to your strategic business issues.
• Identify opportunities for economic competitiveness through serving societal and environmental needs.
• Develop strategies for 3 levels of Shared Value, including (1) Re-conceiving products and markets; (2) Redefining productivity in the value chain; and (3) Enabling local cluster development.
• Thought leadership and publishing case studies on your organization’s Shared Value initiative.


Biomimicry Thinking:

With billions of years of R&D and intelligence, nature operates at a level of efficiency and sustainability unparalleled by the human race: A spider produces silk that is—ounce for ounce—stronger than Kevlar, which is used to make bullet-proof vests. And it does so by digesting an insect, at ambient temperatures, using life-friendly chemistry.

• Solve engineering, design and behavioral problems by tapping into nature’s genius and asking: What would nature do?
• Inspire and engage employees to adopt a new mind-set with the highest sustainability and innovation benchmark.
• Engage youth in innovation and STEM subjects through this inspiring field.


Public-Planet Partnerships:

Design a new type of PPP that integrates natural capital as a key collaborator and innovation partner through Public-Planet Partnerships. From collaborating with ocean currents to remove garbage; partnering with pigeons to monitor air quality; or fighting global hunger with fungi.

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration Innovation:

• Prioritize and communicate with stakeholders to understand expectations, improve decision-making and manage risk.
• Mapping and designing multi-sector and cross-industry partnerships to amplify impact.
• Forge Public Planet Partnerships to benefit from nature’s more than US$ 100 trillion eco-system services and 8.7 million species.


Lack of accurate data is endemic to the social sector. Yet data informs appropriate and effective strategies on corporate and policy levels. Our research capabilities help our clients uncover key insights to inform more holistic strategies, in collaboration with our big data partners. We also produce published research, case studies and thought leadership.

Our superpower: understanding the connections between a range of social, economic, environmental and political issues and sectors places us in an unparalleled position to provide macro insights.

Training & Curriculum Development:

• Receive customized programs, curricula, toolkits, workshops and trainings to achieve your social and environmental objectives, catering to both internal and external stakeholders, including: youth, business, civil society, academic institutions and international organizations.
• Empower our employees with the mindset and tools so you no longer need us as your consultants.

Measurement & Reporting:

• Monitoring and measuring social, economic and environmental sustainability performance using frameworks like the GRI, UN Global Compact and the ISSB. We help organizations set metrics to evaluate their impact and effectiveness.
• Producing ESG and sustainability reports as stand-alones or integrating into Annual Reports as part of integrated reporting.