Connecting like-hearted multi-disciplinary stakeholders to collectively accelerate progress on pressing social issues in the Arab world.

Reimagine MENA cross-pollinates multi-disciplinary stakeholders to co-create, accelerate and scale innovative solutions to pressing social issues in the Arab world.

If your organisation is interested in collaborating with us to shape how an initiative like Reimagine MENA can accelerate our progress as a region, we want to hear from you.







Once, we cradled civilization. Today, our challenges confront our potential to prosper over thousands—even millions of years. We spend billions of dollars on arms; yet have the biggest security deficit. We live in one of the most water-stressed regions with the highest CO2 emissions—threatening both our biodiversity and food security. Rising obesity and diabetes rates are juxtaposed with hunger and malnutrition. Our region is one of the unhappiest on earth. Our education systems teach children what to think rather than how to learn. We have the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. Our innovation output is negligible. We suffer from a crisis of values. Fragmentation is our downfall; our weakness; and our vulnerability. 

At times we have all felt helpless and overwhelmed by the volume and magnitude of what needs to be done. How can one person make a difference? Scientific studies calculate the tipping point for the spread of ideas to be 10 per cent of a population. Are you part of the 10 per cent Reimagining MENA?

In the MENA region, some of our challenges include the
highest carbon emissions per capita; lack of affordable
housing; sectarianism and intolerance; education systems
that teach our youth what to think, not how to learn; the
highest youth unemployment rates; obesity and diabetes
prevalence; desertification; depleted natural water
sources; dwindling biodiversity; and most threateningly:
myopia and complacency.

Yet we see both exceptional opportunities and profound
potential. Well-being economics demands triple bottom
line value creation, a cross-pollination of ideas, mutualism, symbiosis, holistic approaches, and foresight.
And we believe every individual and organization’”
regardless of industry, size or sector – has a role to play
in re-imagining the future we are heading towards.


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