3BL is frequently invited to participate in international policy discussions around sustainable
development issues and has been sought for speaking engagements, panels, workshops,
curriculum development and facilitation across 5 continents on topics such as:

  • Values-based Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Social Business
  • CSR, Corporate Sustainability
  • Creating Shared Value
  • Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Peace, Conflict Resolution & Social Cohesion
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Biomimicry


For organizations such as:

  • Harvard PAIR
  • School of African & Oriental Studies (SOAS)
  • DUBAI+acumen
  • Grameen Creative Lab
  • BMW Foundation
  • TEDxChange Bahrain, TEDxBahrainona
  • HRH Prince El Talal of Jordan’s West Asian North Africa (WANA) Forum
  • Accenture
  • ArabNet
  • United Nations organizations
  • Tri-Lateral Commission
  • World Youth Congress
  • Rotary Club


To request a speaking engagement or to discuss your workshop
and training needs, please contact: impact@3BLAssociates.com