Services Key



Growth & Creating Value

Increasing profits or economic competitiveness,
new revenue streams, tapping into new markets,
increasing competitiveness and collaboration in
the global marketplace, attracting investment,
social return on investment.



International recognition as a thought leader;
both conceptualising and winning awards; impact communication; and attracting, retaining
and developing talent and leadership.



Saving time, money and resources,
improving productivity, leveraging
resources and partnerships, remodelling
dysfunctional committees.



Momentum & Resilience

Getting buy-in for strategies to ensure
implementation, breaking silos
to enhance knowledge and resource sharing;
ultimately implementing strategies with less money, in less time, and with greater impact.



Social, mechanical,
design, engineering, behavioral, and business
model innovation; and developing new products and services.



Accurate data to inform correct policies
and sound decision-making. Case studies
and thought leadership. Training and curriculum
development that is values and value-driven.

Our Services


We help corporate and non-corporate clients develop impact-driven strategies from the ground up, as well as localizing, adapting and aligning existing ad hoc initiatives. This includes rethinking purpose, business models, and value chains; as well as new product and service development, and tapping into new markets. Unlike firms with silo-ed thinking, we work at a systems-level. This results in multi-stakeholder strategies that are designed to leverage resources and capabilities’”saving time and money, and advancing impact. 3BL is committed to seeing strategies executed. Therefore, while we do not offer implementation, we do provide a unique and tested implementation support model.

Shared Value:

As the first Arab firm to become a Shared Value consulting affiliate, 3BL uses the Porter-Kramer framework to help organizations identify synergistic opportunities to drive profits through serving the needs of society and the planet; using metrics that directly link business success to social impact. In building the shared value field, we are also deeply committed to contributing thought leadership and publishing Arab world case studies.

Shared Value creation starts with a deep understanding of the landscape of social problems and their connections to business drivers. 3BL embodies the ambidexterity to be both profoundly knowledgeable of the sustainable development landscape, the inter-connections between issues and multiple stakeholders, as well as the linkages to strategic business drivers.

Biomimicry Thinking:

With billions of years of R&D and intelligence, nature operates at a level of efficiency and sustainability unparalleled by the human race: a spider produces silk that is’”ounce for ounce’”stronger than Kevlar, which is used to make bullet-proof vests. And it does so by digesting an insect, at ambient temperatures, using life-friendly chemistry.

3BL’s co-founder is among the first 100 biomimicry specialists in the world. We use biomimicry thinking to help leaders solve design, engineering, mechanical and behavioral problems by tapping into the brilliance of nature’s design. We also use biomimicry in education to inspire youth and provide a unique platform to engage them in STEM subjects.

Stakeholder Engagement & Impact Matchmaking:

The multi-stakeholder approach is at the heart of everything we do. We are experts at connecting multi-sector and cross-industry organizations’”often ones that don’t see the link between each other’”to create mutual benefit and advance impact in a way that one stakeholder could not do in silo.

We help our clients communicate with key stakeholders to improve decision-making and manage risk. By mapping and designing strategic partnerships, our clients increase buy-in and success in strategy execution, and save time, money and other resources.


Lack of accurate data is endemic to the Arab world. Yet data informs appropriate and effective strategies on corporate and policy levels. Our research capabilities help our clients uncover key insights to inform more holistic strategies. We also produce published research, case studies and thought leadership.

Our superpower: understanding the connections between a range of social, economic, environmental and political issues and sectors places us in an unparalleled position to provide macro insights.

Training & Curriculum Development:

3BL develops programs and curricula such as in-house corporate sustainability training, values-based leadership, biomimicry and nature-inspired innovation, peace sports and health, and social and green entrepreneurship. We cater to different segments, including youth, business, civil society, academic institutions and international organizations.

Measurement & Reporting:

Monitoring and measuring performance is integral to demonstrating impact, enhancing transparency, managing risks and evaluating the ROI and SROI (social return on investment). We help organizations set KPIs and metrics to evaluate their impact and effectiveness.

For organizations ready to communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders, 3BL also produces sustainability reports according to the most widely used Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, the UN Global Compact, or more general ESG reports.

3BL was the first local Bahraini company to become an Organizational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). One of our co-founders also serves as the GRI’s quality control consultant for sustainability reporting training partners in the MENA region.